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Keep Your Eyes Halloween Safe: Speak to your Eye Doctor Before Using Decorative Contact Lenses


Halloween is a night for fun, parties and getting dressed up but you should take some precautions so it doesn't end in some scary damage to your eyes.

Over the past few years, decorative contacts have been increasingly becoming popular particularly with teenagers and young adults and the trend is causing serious concern amongst optometrists. Contact lenses are an FDA regulated medical device. It is against the law to sell contact lenses without a license which is the case with most stores where costumes and party goods are sold, however obviously the laws are not adhered to. Unlicensed production may use subpar plastics or even toxic dyes to dye the lenses. Additionally, using lenses without proper fitting and handling, can result in serious harm to the eyes or even blindness.

If you do wish to wear decorative contacts, it is important to schedule an exam with your eye care practitioner first. After a contact lens evaluation and eye exam, the doctor will be able to recommend a lens that fits well and is safe for your eyes. The practitioner will also give necessary guidance on proper handling and cleaning of contact lenses.

Despite the fact that many individuals erroneously view non-prescription contact lenses as just another cosmetic item, uneducated use of lenses can cause serious damage to your eyes and vision. Nothing should ever be applied in the eye without proper professional involvement.

Only buy lenses from a licensed seller that you can be sure comply with all FDA regulations. Non-corrective lenses must also be regulated and require a prescription. Beware of websites, open markets or beauty supply stores that may carry homemade products made with unapproved materials. To find out whether the retailer is licensed to sell contact lenses find out their state license number and call the state Department of Professional Regulations (DPR) to check.

If your costume just won't be the same without special effect contacts, contact your trusted eye care professional before making any purchase. Don't let Halloween be a "frightful" night for your eyes. Be knowledgable about how to dress up your eyes safely.